"What Payment Methods Do You Accept?"

We accept most major Credit Cards, Debit Cards or PayPal via CCNOW, our safe and secure online payment processor. During checkout, your personal and private info will be transferred to CCNOW's safe and secure 256 bit SSL encrypted servers where you will make your payment. We do not store or process any of your cc info on our website.

"Is my Credit Card info safe?"

From  CCNOW's website:  "Yes! CCNow utilizes PCI DSS Level 1-certified online security in handling customer's payment information, which is the highest compliance level available to companies. We take pride in protecting your data, and our suppliers never see your full payment card information."

"Am I required To Sign Up For An Account With Your Company?"

No, merely choose, "Guest Checkout" when you go to place an order. Customers who do choose to sign up for an account with us receive special benefits such as email sales coupons, etc. We do not store any credit card info on our website. Customer's name and address are encrypted using a special key which scrambles their info.

"Am I required To Pay Sales Tax?"

By IL law, IL residents are required to pay 7% State Sales Tax. You will be charged IL State Sales Tax on CCNOW's website during checkout if you are an IL resident.

"My Bank charged me a .25 cent "International fee" associated with my order. What is this?"

Please read CCNOW's statement on this. This is not CCNOW or our company charging you this fee, it is your Bank! Read here to learn more about this policy some Banks practice. (Not all Banks do this).

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